Dai Nakae, M.D., Ph.D.
The 36th Annual Meeting of
The Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology
(Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan)

It is my great pleasure to tell you that we will hold the 36th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicologic Pathology (JSTP) on February 13 (Thursday) and 14 (Friday) at the Setagaya Campus of the Tokyo University of Agriculture (Setagaya, Japan), together with the 32th Annual JSTP Slide Conference and the Commentary Session of the JSTP Diplomat Examination on February 12 (Wednesday), in 2020.

Toxicologic pathology is a field of science to assess risks to the human health of a variety of chemicals (pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food-related substances, general chemicals, cosmetic-related substances and et cetera), based on the morphological analysis in association with techniques of diverse adjacent scientific fields (toxicology, biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology and et cetera). JSTP was founded to progress toxicologic pathology and has been contributing to not only science but also the world by producing enormous accomplishments. Recently, however, situations around JSTP and toxicologic pathology has been becoming hard, because of factors like the shift from small molecules to bio- and nucleic acid-related products in the development of pharmaceuticals, the increase of concerns about the animal welfare, and the introduction of in silico methods. Even under such a circumstance, the needs of toxicologic pathologists are still in demand, and JSTP should continue efforts to progress toxicologic pathology and educate toxicologic pathologists. For such a purpose, JSTP must spread its wings to unfamiliar chemical categories and technologies, and aggressively participate in the field of risk communication.

Under the theme of “Toward the new world; the future of toxicologic pathology and JSTP”, we hope that a large number of participants will come together to the 36th Annual Meeting of JSTP to interact and exchange opinions, and thereby discover future visions and purposes in the advancement of toxicologic pathology and JSTP. I am sincerely looking forward to welcoming you in Tokyo in the coming February.

Let’s join us and jump into the NEW WORLD OF TOXICOLOGIC PATHOLOGY !!

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