Call for Abstract

Deadline of Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission is closed.
  2 (Mon), 2019 - October 11(Fri), 2019
 → October 25(Fri), 2019

Presentation Style

General presentation (poster only)

* The Organizing Committee welcomes many abstracts as the program committee is planning workshops for youngdoctors and scientists.Workshop themes will be determined according to submitted abstracts by the committee.
Further, please note that some abstracts may be allocated to poster presentation due to the limited number of oral presentations.

Submit an Abstract

If you or your co-presenters understand Japanese, please submit your abstract on the website.
Abstracts in English are welcome.
Prepare abstracts in English according to the instruction bellow in MS-WORD file (English) before submitting them.
Abstract is reguired consist of paragraphs such as [Background], [Aim / Objective], [Materials and Methods], [Results] and [Conclusion] etc.
Please send your abstract to the secretariat ( by email.

The number of words

-In Japanese Authors (max 15), Affiliation (max 15)
Abstract: 750 characters (max)
-In English Authors (max 15), Affiliation (max 15)
Abstract: 1,500 characters (max)


The submitting author must be the first author of the abstract and only JSTP members can submit abstracts, one submission per one member.
If you have any queries for membership application or others, please feel free to contact JSTP office.

Categories of Presentation

Category 1 Category 2 Category 3
1. Nerve and Sensory A. Environment and Cancer I. Human
2. Respiratory B. Carcinogenesis and Prevention II. Rat/Mouse
3. Hematopoietic and Circulatory C. Toxicological mechanism III. Dog/Monkey/Pig
4. Oral cavity and Gastrointestinal D. Toxicological and Carcinogenicity Test IV. Culture cell
5. Hepatobiliary and Pancreas E. Animal model V. Others
6. Kidney and Bladder F. Test
7. Genital and Mammary Gland G. Basic data
8. Endocrine H. Case report
9. Integument and Musculoskeletal I. New technology / technique
10. Immune J. Regulatory science
11. Others K. Others
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